What different types of clients expect from their accommodation stays?

Personalization is a relevant topic today in the world of current accommodation and professionals around the world agree that it is no longer an advantage; It is imperative. Therefore, owners must adjust their customer experience strategies to ensure an unforgettable and personalized hosting experience for their future clients.

Obtaining a better understanding of the needs and preferences of the client, or the privacy of the guest, can allow the delivery of personalized services that will help increase customer satisfaction, reduce service costs and improve guest loyalty. Ultimately, customization can result in the development of specialized services, delivered according to current preferences, for which customers will be willing to pay.

However, providing personalized experiences is not a piece of cake. You need to know your customers: what they want and when they want it.

In this article, we segment accommodation customers into three broad categories based on their search behavior. You can use this example to understand what different types of people you want to be able to attract them to your property.

City Customers

The clients of the city are looking for accommodations in Mayan vacation * for less than 5 days with a majority on weekends. These clients generally travel with a couple, family or friends, that is, they rarely travel alone. His main travel interests are sightseeing, the beach, shopping and experiencing the local culture, of which trying new foods and drinks is an important part.

Where they like to stay:
City customers like to stay in the center of the city or in the surrounding area, either in an independent apartment or house according to the budget. Sometimes, however, they might prefer the outskirts of the city, especially if the city they visit is packed with tourists during that season.

What amenities do you like:

Having a complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi is a must for customers in this city, followed by a pool. Here are other offers with which you can provide memorable experiences to guests for city travelers. City travelers appreciate the recommendations, as they like to go to the main attractions of the destination. Thanks to our concirge service we always make sure to provide you with a map and recommendations that suggest all the main attractions and places to eat or bars around the hotel and in the city.

Collaborate with local tour guides and other group activities. You can also promote special offers and packages for it at the reception of your hotel. Finally, there must be a representative with a decent knowledge about the city available all the time, in case guests have any questions related to the destination or means of transport available.

Business travel clients

Who are they:
Business clients are looking for accommodations in Mayan vacation at least for 5 days. These clients usually travel alone. His main travel interests are only related to work. In general, they would not be interested in sightseeing; However, they may be interested in visiting some high quality restaurants for personal and commercial purposes.

Where they prefer to stay:

For business travelers, the location of the stay is very important in the location of their meeting, convention, office and other workplaces. They are people less price sensitive. Therefore, their preferred types of accommodation are the brands of recognized and established agencies, which grant them certain benefits and free updates. This helps them enjoy comfortable and sometimes luxurious stays without paying anything from their own pockets.

What amenities do you want: Business travelers choose properties with 5 or 4 star accreditation with excellent ratings. Having a pool, Wi-Fi and parking are other essential facilities for most of them.

Another way to delight business travelers is to offer them an update, whenever possible. These are one of the biggest spenders on the property, since most of the time they are too tired to leave their rooms after a hectic day at work. Keep them happy and you will see that even after an improved stay, your business is much more profitable.
Business travelers sometimes seek recommendations for fancy and elegant restaurants for commercial purposes. It would be amazing if I had one near your property; otherwise, it is important that your concierge have a list of all the elegant restaurants nearby.

Another very important facility for business travelers is the laundry and ironing service. Also, make sure that business travelers already have irons in their rooms before registering.

Holiday customers

Your favorite type of vacation is sun and beach. Generally they are interested in sightseeing, experiencing nature, water or other adventure sports and relaxing. Because of this, they tend to be more flexible than city and business travelers, since they are not in a hurry and like to experience things at their own pace. These travelers usually travel with their partner, family or friends.

They like to stay in places near the beach. They usually prefer accommodations that have relaxing facilities so they can enjoy the place in their privacy and comfort.

What amenities do you want:

The quality of the rooms and the accreditation and qualification of a property are also the most important for vacation clients. While planning their vacations, most choose 5 or 4 star properties. They also like to have a pool, air conditioning, parking and spa services nearby.

Like customers in the city, vacation travelers also like to visit the main attractions. Therefore, make sure you have a map or guide that suggests all must-see places and must-see activities.

To ensure the customization of these customers, suggest where they can have fun at the establishment and what adventure activities to do for the whole family.