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Rio secreto

Published on octobre 26, 2017 by admin

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Rio Secreto est une destination unique qui est la fierté de tous les Mexicains. C’est un endroit où les visiteurs seront transformées par un fantastique, fabuleux voyage dans les entrailles de la terre, où vous pourrez admirer une beauté unique. C’est un écosystème unique,

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    Thank you

    I have engaged different property managers to help maintain and rent my penthouse unit for over 10 years. All have been able to maintain our unit nicely, however the rental income part of the arrangement has always been weak and not steady. Even though we just started with you I have a great impression of your operation. Before we even signed on, you sent a repairman to fix a problem we had. Your staff is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. You’ve already rented our unit and I wish we would have met sooner!

    5/5 Stars.

    Charles Ramon, Jan 16

    They treat all our guests in a professional and respectful manner

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    Property management, rental and sales Mexican Corporation located in the Mexican Caribbean.

    Govacationmaya has been looking after the rental of our condo for the last 6 years and we are very happy with them. From the maintenance staff to the wonderful office staff we feel they treat all our guests in a professional and respectful manner and do their utmost to ensure they have a wonderful vacation.

    5/5 Stars.

    Delia Hermann, Dec 2015

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