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Govacationmaya is a property management, rental and sales Mexican Corporation located in the Mexican Caribbean. This corporation was founded ten years ago by Pierre Laprise, a French Canadian. This prestigious enterprise is recognized by the quality services they offer, their professionalism as well as their genuine interest in the environment. offers its guests with an adequate amount of electricity with extra charges only if they consume higher than the average consumption. They have well-trained and skilled staff in all the various sectors of client prioritizing, administration, accounting, management, housekeeping and sales.


  • These services include the following:
  • Utility Payment Services such as electricity, water, TV, maintenance, insurance, condominium fees, bank trusts and so on and so forth
  • Preventive Maintenance services which entails the finding and rectifying of minor problems before they escalate into failures
  • Online statement services which contains rentals, payments and expenses as well as a physical file which contains original invoices as well as proof of paid expenses.

The corporation also offers services such as the weekly cleaning and carrying out tasks which are of utmost necessity in order to ensure the optimal functioning of the condo. These services include:

  • Running of the air conditioners.
  • Opening of all faucets so as to ensure the smooth flow of water.
  • Airing of the house or condo due to the fact that the climate is humid which may cause the furnishing as well as the furniture to mold thereby creating a very unpleasant odor.
  • Dusting of all fans and lamps in the condo or house.
  • Vacuum cleaning and washing of floors.
  • Cleaning of all windows in the condo.
  • Once you have signed the Property Management Agreement, the company makes the following available to you:

    • The right to publish the property on the Govacationmaya website.
    • Writing the texts for the website in English, French and Spanish professionally.
    • Detailed explanations on the procedures of how the binder works as well as inventory of the property providing images.
    • Detailed explanation of the Property Management Contract.
    • Professionally taken photos of the properties for the website.
    • A complete report of all the items which need to be repaired stating the repair costs.