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Commercial Investment Consultant and Management in Playa del Carmen

Published on September 6, 2017 by admin

Playa del Carmen is one of the most attractive destinations available. Just 60 kilometres south of Cancun, with its turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and great variety of tours and activities, it is a fantastic choice for your real estate investment. Located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, you can’t help but fall in love with this multicultural, multifaceted city that has something for everyone’s taste.

It is an ideal time to invest in real estate in the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen. Whether you want to buy a house, a villa or a condo, Playa del Carmen and its surrounding areas are in full expansion. One of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico, the Riviera Maya is a wise place to invest in your future.

We can help you find the right real estate investment. Contact our team of professionals who have years of experience in real estate in Mexico and quality customer service. The Go Vacation Maya team is guided by owner and founder, Pierre Laprise, a Canadian real estate agent.  We will offer you the expertise you need to make the experience safe, professional and most of all, enjoyable. We can help you live your dream.

Considering the investment of real estate in the Mexican Caribbean, the best comparison that we can do, would be to imagine  the State of California or the coasts of the Florida 30 years ago.

The attractive reason for people who want to invest in a second home or for those who already are retired is  Cancún and the Riviera Maya for the proximity to the United States and Canada, with  beautiful, white, worldy recognized beaches, blue turquoise of the Caribbean sea and with more than 300 days of the Sun a year,  it’s a perfect paradise to spend the vacations or the retirement.

The natural beauty of this area is undeniable, but also there exist other important factors that make this unique place especially interesting for potential investments.

The most important demographic factor that will continue stimulating the real-estate investment for the next years in the Mexican Caribbean is that every day there are approximately 30,000 Baby Boomers retiring in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Many of them are wealthy people who lives in cities of cold temperature and seeks to buy a property to live in a hot climate destination, or they are seeking to change their way of life, now that their children are self-supporting.

Riviera Maya is visited anually by more than 6 millions of visitors, which many of them are satisfied visitors and that’s why they come back several times. They have also seen that the properties values have significantly increased and have chosen to invest here.

Another factor that differentiates the Mexican Caribbean from other places is that Cancun’s International Airport is one of the biggest of Latin America, with direct flights to the principal cities of North America, Europe, Center and South America.

Differently from other cities of Mexico or Caribbean islands where a connection flight is needed to get to the final destination.

Cancun’s International Airport makes the coast line very accessible from any part of the world.

Nowadays, in all the coast there exist 11 golf courses of world category like the designed ones for Greg Norman, Jack Nicklaus, and Robert Trent Jones among others, and there are other 8 more in construction. Also, there is a great number of gourmet food restaurants by fantastic chefs , shops of first world category, cinemas, sea-coasts for yachts and sailboats, besides, very nearby cultural cities, like Merida, or colourful villages like Tizimin and Valladolid. For the retired ones, the quality of life and the costs of life are lower compared to the nothern countries. All these circumstances turn this region into one of the mean worldwide investment destinations.

The return of investment estimated on the Vacation rentals is 8-15% and the estimated rented weeks in one year are from 20 to 40 weeks.

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    I have engaged different property managers to help maintain and rent my penthouse unit for over 10 years. All have been able to maintain our unit nicely, however the rental income part of the arrangement has always been weak and not steady. Even though we just started with you I have a great impression of your operation. Before we even signed on, you sent a repairman to fix a problem we had. Your staff is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. You’ve already rented our unit and I wish we would have met sooner!

    5/5 Stars.

    Charles Ramon, Jan 16

    Govacationmaya, friendly and professional staff

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    I want to say that Go Vacation Maya is a great company, mainly because of their friendly and professional staff. I bought my condo in Playa Del Carmen with their support, and since the buying process is pretty much different in Mexico than in Canada, I was grateful for their help in that process. It feels good to work with people that you can trust. I highly recommend their services.

    5/5 Stars.

    Francois Taschereau, Nov 2015

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